Grupo tu Hogar Fuera de Casa

“Dream, consisntency and effort. The key to success”

In 2011 Grupo Perro Viejo was born by the hand of Ernesto and Pedro. They embark on a business adventure full of passion and enthusiasm. Later on Ana, Lorena, Rosa, Carlos, Antonio, Petra and Alejandro will join the group. Tu Hogar Fuera de Casa is a young company in which the commitment and passion makes you grow.

In 2011 opens -Bar Antojo-, the concept of a cozy, lively and informal place to feel at home. With very warm decorated spaces at different heights and terrace. Our cuisine in Antojo includes traditional receipts and creative tapas.

Success encourage us to continue to grow, then came La niña bonita and Nikkei Bar (Sevilla 2012), Pez Tomillo (Málaga 2013), Perro Viejo and Perrochiko (Sevilla 2015).

Grupo Perro Viejo is a young company, dynamic and familiar in which we are guided by our intuition and passion for what we do. Each space we create are different from each other. We try to create spaces where you feel at home, with a creative and fun food and beautiful and charismatic spaces. All this would be impossible without the invaluable help of our family and team, we are currently a large team of people, with an absolute and enthusiastic involvement. Each of this persons are the key to our team.

The illusion makes us continue to grow and above all we make true our dreams, which is enjoying every day of it.

Calle Lumbreras 35 41002 sevilla

Contact Info:
Phone: 955440030